ONLINE COMPETITION: Floral haute couture dress

Even if you are far away, you want to be @ Fleuramour

Fleur Floral Fashion by Fleuramour competition rules edition 2021

For this special edition of Fleur, Floral Fashion by Fleuramour in Alden Biesen with the theme ‘A Castle deserves art’, we expect the realization of a beautiful floral haute couture dress. You design a festive dress for the Fleur Floral Fashion event.  

Send us high resolution pictures of your creation. The pictures of your work will be projected in the castle of Alden Biesen.

This competition is open to flower lovers.


The name of our event this year is Fleur Floral Fashion. So it is our duty to present the most beautiful design floral dresses. The theme of this edition is  ‘A Castle deserves art’.

Maybe due to COVID-19 you can’t travel and physically attend our event yet, but you would still like to be part of it. So create an beautiful floral dress at home.

Make (or ask a photographer) to make beautiful pictures of your floral dress and also send us pictures of your mood board / your source of inspiration so we can better understand your work. The pictures will be projected during the event in the castle of Alden Biesen.


We expect a floral haute couture dress that matches the theme of Fleur Floral Fashion.

The dress does not have to be wearable. You may create a historical, contemporary or futuristic dress. As long as the dress has a festive and artistic touch and thus fits the theme of this edition.

All pictures of the dresses will be projected in the castle.

With the floral dress comes a photo / mood board of your source of inspiration!


The jury will judge the following points:

Technique – shape and colour – originality –– finishing – theme.

Remark:  the dress does not have to be wearable.

Practical information

1. When?

• We expect pictures of your finished dress at the latest on Friday 10 September to 9 p.m.

• The announcement of the awards will take place on Thursday 23 September at 5 pm

2. Materials

• All materials are brought and paid for by the participants themselves.

• The workpiece is made at home and pictures will be made in a professional way.

• Be sure to provide your creation with your name and certainly also send a photo of your mood board / of your inspiration!

3. Preparation of the work

• The pictures will be sent to us at the latest on Friday 10 September until 9 p.m.

4. Organization and jury

• • You can / may always contact the organizers in advance if you have questions about a certain material.

• The jury will consist of professional florists.

• No discussion can be held with the organizers or with the jury itself before, during or after the judging. This about the odds as well as the course of the competition itself.

• Any contact with one or more of the jury members with the participants, before or during the judging, is prohibited.

• Judging is done on the spot. The following points are taken into account: techniques – shape and colour – originality – finish –  use of the Oasis® – theme. The jury does not have to account for the points given and is not obliged to inform the participants afterwards.

• Any irregularity or incompatibility with the rules can entail a disqualification.

• The organization reserves the right to make changes to the rules and the competition.

6. Prices

The prize pool includes a publication in Fleur Creatif, a prize from Smithers Oasis, featured on Thursd …

We already wish you the necessary inspiration!

For more information you can always contact:

An Theunynck +32 (0) 473 28 12 79

or by e-mail: an.theunynck@telenet.bel